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NYCC 2012: Ume Toys

6:00 PM on 10.18.2012 // Natalie Kipper

A cute and macabre mix

Rich Page of Ume Toys was out and about at the recent New York Comic Con. And, for the lucky attendees, he brought tons (previewed here and here) of resin figures with him, many of which were themed to Halloween.

Highlights included a really cool Dita the Cat figure and several rather cheery-looking skulls based on Rich's original character, Russell Bones (there was also a full-body figure of this character). Brian mentioned previously that Dita's design was based on the studio's pet cat. Also available at NYCC was a more artsy, fun take on  Spiderman's Venom. Mustachioed Martin Longbottoms in a lovely, earthy green along with flocked version of the pumpkin-headed Hugo Shortpants were available as well. Rich had several exclusive Dee Dee colorways with him during the con but we didn't managed to snag photos of those.

Ume Toys has listed many of the toys from NYCC up for sale at their online store. Given that they are limited edition (and ever so cute) I would hurry to buy them if you missed out the first time.

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