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NYCC 2012: TriForce

9:30 PM on 10.17.2012 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Great new scale replicas and licenses announced

TriForce is at it again, rolling into NYCC as probably the most heavily armed booth at the event. The munitions aren't real, but at first glance it would be hard to tell. They pull from some of the best licenses around, recreating a variety of weapons in painstaking detail. Figures and statues are a lot of fun, but there's nothing more impressive on a shelf or wall than a realistic scale replica!

At NYCC they announced they've picked up the license for Naughty Dog's upcoming PS3 hit The Last of Us and DC Comics and WB Games' superhero brawler Injustice: Gods Among US. They're starting big on the DC front, giving us an early look at Nightwing's Escrima Sticks! Not only do you get the sticks, but also an amazing glossy blue display stand in the shape of the 'V' across Nightwing's chest. There's also a hidden storage space in the base that reveals poison darts with a Robin badge as a nod to Nightwing's former alias. Only 500 pieces are being made for the 3rd quarter of 2013.

TriForce also showed off the Deathscyth from THQ and Vigil Games' Darksiders II. This full size replica includes a light up feature that's recharged through a hidden part in the teeth. Very impressive piece that will run for about US$950 during the 2nd quarter of 2013.

Going back to the line that really put TriForce on the map we've got a new entry from Microsoft's Gears of War 3. The Torque Bow looks like it could do some serious damage in the real world. Even though it's permanently displayed in an open position that's not really a draw back (no pun intended). Just means it's more sturdy and can hold up better to some handling. Stick a missile in there and it'll light up with a red LED. Yeah, it's missing its Locust symbol, but that'll be in the final version. Has some good heft to it, too, weighing 20 pounds despite its size. TriForce also had the Locust Hammerburst II back on display for good measure, that one will be out in the 1st quarter of 2013 for US$850.

Lastly they had a nice display up for the Warhammer 40,000 Chainsword. Only thing better than a sword is a sword with a chainsaw for a blade! Space Marines sure know how to do it right! Of course this replica doesn't have a working blade, but it is made of light resin to give it a nice metallic feel, though at 25 pounds it's anything but light. It's also anything but cheap running for US$1,000 with a release date set for sometime in 2nd quarter of 2013.

Check out the gallery to get a good look at all of these and expect more updates as new scale replicas are revealed!

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