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NYCC 2012: Namco Bandai/ShiftyLook

10:00 PM on 10.14.2012 // Tianxiao Ma

Power Rangers fans rejoice

Namco Bandai had a presence at NYCC alongside ShitfyLook, a division dedicated to turning Namco Bandai properties into comics, cartoons, and other entertaining things.

The majority of the display space seems to have been given to Power Rangers merchandise, including action figures, props, masks, and large-ish Megazord models. The Japanese DX versions of the Megazords will be imported for online sale, but no pricing or release info is available yet.

We also got a look at some cute fox plushes, a Naruto collectible card game, a Resident Evil card game, and a deck building game based on the original Star Trek. I've seen the Star Trek: TNG deck building game, which I guess is distinct from a collectible card game. Do not mix that stuff up, you guys.

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Tianxiao Ma, Associate Editor
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