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NYCC 2012: Exclusive look at MG Nu Gundam ver. Ka

1:30 AM on 10.14.2012 // Andres Cerrato

An up-close gallery of the prototype

The highlight of Bandai's plamo plans for this year will culminate with the December release of the Master Grade Nu Gundam ver. Ka. It didn't come as a surprise to see it being announced, but the gimmicks involved have gotten fans to want to build a Master Grade Nu Gundam all over again. It's been 13 years since the original kit and the newest version inspired with the long legs of Katoki have already gotten many to get their pre-orders in.

Today at New York Comic Con, we were able to get a detailed look at the kit. There's a lot to this kit and a huge run-down of features, so join me after the jump for this look at the Master Grade Nu Gundam ver. Ka.

The first thing you should note about the kit is that the proportions have changed. This is in no doubt a Katoki kit, as the legs have been made longer and the chest a tad skinnier. This is in no way the same kit from 13 years ago. What is shared though is the kit's base, as it's simply the same symbol. However, what has changed with the base is that it will feature a new connection piece for display of the fin funnels.

While they were not pictured at this event, the adjustable parts to hold the Fin Funnels will be attached to the stand from the back. Considering that the original Amuro symbol base used hide-away sections on the bottom to display the funnels, I'm really glad to see this improvement.

In shaping up what's different, let's take a look at the torso. It has been slimmer made than the original Nu but still somewhat blocky. What does strike me as a bit odd are the points sticking up through the chest. I'm not sure what they're supposed to be, but they're there and someone will find an explanation. I tried myself but could not find it.

The joints on the Nu have also changed, especially the shoulder and knee joints. The shoulder joints will be able to pop-out of the torso to allow for a greater range of motion. While this has been done in previous kits, the joint style appears to be new for the Nu. 

If you take a look at the knee joints, it allows for an extended range of motion. The range goes so far as to push out the joint a bit more than it needs to be aesthetically, but will keep people happy when wanting to pose it. You can also get a pretty good idea of how the panels and lining will be having a lot of you busy with getting all of the details correctly marked.

The weapons have been changed up as well to match the rest of the kit. They've got the Katoki slimness and deep panel lines, so expect some work to be done there when it comes time for painting. 

The shield has been updated as well, giving you a lot more of panels and lining. The original missiles are still present at the end of the shield, so not everything has changed here.

The backpack is a great update from the original. The kit, while not showing off the feature at NYCC, will be able to display the Fin Funnels on either side of the backpack. If you'd like to get adventurous, feel free to buy a second kit and make the double Fin Funnel version of the Nu. 

As for other features, the Nu Gundam ver Ka will feature the ability to put an LED into the torso, which will light up the head as well as the cockpit. The kit will also feature individually articulated fingers. I wouldn't expect something like a Perfect Grade in terms of these hands, but more than likely something like the MG Sazabi. The hands are similar to a Perfect Grade's hands, just note that they will be even better. Bandai is labeling them as an evolution of the PG hands, so I'm expecting these to be absolutely fantastic. A fully-poseable set of hands that can hold the weapons securely would be a godsend.

All things considered, I'm going to really enjoy this kit. Even though the Katoki style is hated by some, I wholeheartedly approve of this redesign. A lot of the changed to detail, such as the additional armor near the top of the arm and the rings in the forearms, have added detail that really sets it apart. Be sure to check out the full gallery which details about every angle you've wanted to see about the MG Nu Gundam ver. Ka.

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