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NYCC 2012: ESC Toy

9:00 PM on 10.13.2012 // Pedro Cortes

I want it all!

Oh yeah, we're keeping the good time rolling with another booth gallery, straight from New York Comic Con! This time we have the ESC Toy booth, shot by Andres and Brian. At the show, Erick Scarecrow and company displayed a bunch of figures, some old and some new.

As you can see from the header, Scarecrow brought out an assortment of his excellent Drake figures. The colorways shown here include Shadow Drake, ??? Drake, Camou Drake, Drake Monster Kolor Load and Japan Drake 002. These all look to be extremely limited, so I hate and envy every person that gets their hands on one of these. Especially that Japan Drake. I love the 80s-ish colors he's rocking. You'll also note that the Drakes have their guns pointed to the PS-Bot Clear Cube, a resin piece that clearly shows some love to Sony. Unfortunately, he's not for sale, so nobody has to incur my wrath.

Besides Drake, we saw a lot more from the Frombies cross-over that we keep hearing about. There are a couple of versions of Chelly x Zora, Aldara x Sama and Swordsman x Sama on the floor. I'm not familiar with any of Frombie's work, but I can say that they look quite good. I'm particularly fond of the Pearl version of Chelly x Zora and the green Swordsman x Sama, which has a definite Link-ish look to it.

Scarecrow also brought plenty of his own pieces for people to enjoy. There were several versions of his Chap-Lynns, 2 Tails, Marinas and Kissakis. It's hard to pick stand outs, as I really like all the alternate colors that Scarecrow used. Really, just about anything with clear resin looks fabulous. The piece I want the most would be one of the Kissakis. Hell, I'm not even picky about the color, I just think they're gorgeous.

Finally, I'm going to point out the bright gold Nathan Drake. You notice that it's another collaboration, this time with Square-Enix. There'll be four pieces made available, so you can guess how hard and expensive that'll be!

Anything here strike your fancy, oh Tomo-faithful?

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