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NYCC 2012: DC Collectibles

9:00 AM on 10.13.2012 // Andres Cerrato

Times are changing and it's for the better

DC Direct has been killed and in its place has arisen DC Collectibles. The newly re-branded offspring has made great strides over the past year to try and shed the image of its predecessor. The great pieces were usually overshadowed by mistakes of some releases, but thankfully today, the company is listening and has really turned up the quality of its releases. Put it this way: They got me to fall in love with an Ame-Comi and want it hopelessly. That happened this weekend.

At NYCC, we got to see a number of new releases, some of which I'm very excited for. For the highlights, we have the following coming out from DC Collectibles.

  • DC Comic Bombshells line, draws inspiration from the art style of the 1940s and 1950s
  • 1/6 Scale Icon Statue of Oliver Queen from the newest television series, Arrow
  • Unveiled Ame-Comi Mary Marvel and finished version of Harley Quinn
  • The Metallic Superman series, meant to play off as the Man of Steel's version of Batman's Black & White series.
  • Batman's Black & White is going forward with two new Bats and a Bane
  • DC Comics Super Heroes and Super Villains busts
  • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns "A Call to Arms"
  • New 52 Justice League action figures

There are a few more highlights from the booth I want to go over, so follow me past the jump to find out more about what DC Collectibles wants to offer up this year.

As I mentioned, I actually fell in love with an Ame-Comi figure. Seeing it up close, this newest version of Harley Quinn is phenomenal. The amount of detail that went into the outfit and the quality control on it set it apart from the rest of the line. If you note the makeup, it's a bit runny and faded. This is intentional and quite honestly, looks great on the figure. Everything from the gold embellishments on the belt, the folds in the skirt and the masks on the base are amazing to look at in person. I actually want to add this to my collection.

While speaking with Jim Fletcher, the Design Director for DC Entertainment, he stated that they have noted that fans' issues with the Ame-Comi line in the past are being addressed and the company is making a more concerted effort to bring up the quality of their product. In that vein, the debut at the show is Mary Marvel, the latest concept Ame-Comi figure. While it's not scheduled for release or even production at this time, Jim asks that you go onto their Facebook page and leave comments on what you think of the figure and any improvements that can be made on it.

The new debut of the weekend is the Metallic Superman line of statues. They are made in the same scale as its partner line, Batman Black & White. The pieces will feature metallic-finish paint as a play off Supe's Man of Steel title. The first three figures in the line are based on versions by Frank Miller, Lee Bermejo and Jim Lee. My favorite of the bunch is Bermejo's version. Speaking to Bermejo on the floor, he described the cape as the focal point of the figure. He wanted to capture Superman in the process of coming down, cape being suspended. I have to say myself that it makes for a dynamic piece and very different from what we're used to seeing with Supes. Also different is Frank Miller's version. Yes, Superman is supposed to look that way. I won't judge it on that merit alone as the sculpt and paint is rather impressive, it's just that Frank Miller's Superman is, shall we say silly.

I have other favorites as well from this booth, especially the Bombshell pieces. I love that era of art so the line is something that really speaks to my tastes. With all things taken into account, DC Collectibles looks to be on the up and up. I'm personally glad that they're making a true concerted effort into improving the quality of their releases. I know that this will get results as it's already pulled me in. Check out the full gallery below to see everything that DC Collectibles has to offer.

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