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Numerous Gundams available for pre-order now

11:00 AM on 01.25.2013 // Andres Cerrato

Yes, this is a lot of Gundam

After the onslaught of this week in the latest magazine scans, budgets are a bit tighter. Hoping to capitalize on the awe of new items, many new Gunpla and figures have now gone up for pre-order. These items are all scheduled for this spring, releasing in either March or April. In addition to the regular shops, the Bandai Premium Shop has also updated its offerings to include the latest releases. The one bit of news that has come out of this batch of pre-orders is that the new Master Grade Sinanju is just the same as the previously-released ver. Ka, but it does have the bazooka as predicted. Below you'll find all of the links to go and pre-order your goods not to mention updated image galleries.

[Pre-order RG Destiny Gundam at AmiAmi | Hobby Search]
[Pre-order MG Sinanju "Anime ver." at at AmiAmi | Hobby Search]
[Pre-order MG Jesta at at AmiAmi | Hobby Search]
[Pre-order HG Gundam AGE-1 Full Granza at  at AmiAmi | Hobby Search]
[Pre-order HGUC Gundam Unicorn Banshee Norn at AmiAmiHobby Search]
[Pre-order HGUC Shin Matsunaga Zaku II Custom at AmiAmi | Hobby Search]
[Pre-order HGUC Gundam EZ-8 at AmiAmi | Hobby Search]
[Pre-order BB Senshi Legend Zakuto at AmiAmi | Hobby Search]
[Pre-order Master Grade Tallgeese II at Premium Bandai]
[Pre-order Robot Damashii Xi Gundam at Premium Bandai

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