Next Real Grade is the like the last one, RG Amuro's Zeta

Jan 17 // Andres Cerrato    @VistFoundation

Bandai NOT doing an easy re-color? Ha ha!

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone but Bandai is going to make more of the Real Grade Zeta Gundam. Seeing as they did it with the previous Master Grade 2.0, it's no shock seeing Amuro's personal Zeta Gundam getting the Real Grade treatment. As to those wondering where this unit cmes from, it was introduced in a special feature titled 0087: Green Divers and later shown Gundam Evolve

Why should you dive in on another Amuro's Zeta kit? To be quite honest here, while it is the Zeta, it is different. Gundams don't usually go pink, but it really works with the Zeta. I do already have the Master Grade, but as I hadn't gotten the RG yet, I can totally excuse this right? There is still some other things to excuse on the kit though. For starters, this is just a re-color and new stickers. No new RG Hyper Mega Launcher means it's just the same kit again. Also, this is a limited kit which means its headed to the Premium Bandai Shop. Great!

For those who do want to make the Zeta theirs, you'll make your way to a proxy to wait on paying 3,360¥  for the privilidge of building it in March. Looks like I'll have to find a way to ride the wave somehow.

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