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New Transformers figures revealed through their box art

11:00 PM on 02.24.2013 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Hoist and Fall of Cybertron Thundercracker are the latest to hit the Generations line.

There are a lot of ways new figures can be revealed. Toy shows, press releases, calatogs, and more dubious methods like prototypes being sneaked out of factories. However, this is a rare case of the box art revealing plans for new figure. The actual origins of these images are a little questionable, but they're all official art. It's rare for Hasbro to put such an emphasis on the box art, but it does make sense knowing that they're strengthening their relationship with comic publisher IDW for these and upcoming figures. 

So hidden in this box art there were two surprises. The first is Generations Hoist, a remold of the yet-to-be-released Trailcutter (Trailbreaker) figure (shown in the box art as purple rather than black) seeming to drop the truck cap from his left arm for a large canon meaning he'll likely be a tow truck once again. The second reveal, Thundercracker, is a blue repaint of the Fall of Cybertron Starscream figure hitting stores now. Takara Tomy recently revealed their plans to make a Skywarp figure from the same mold, but hasn't said anything about Thundercracker. Thundercracker marks Hasbro's first repaint for the mold as they haven't made and indication of their own version of Skywarp. It's possible people will need to buy from both companies to get all three figures. 

Additional box art includes:

  • Voyager Blitzwing
  • Voyager Springer
  • Deluxe Megatron (IDW Transformers ongoing comic)
  • Deluxe Bumblebee (IDW Transformers ongoing comic)
  • Deluxe Orion Pax (Spotlight: Orion Pax comic)
  • Legends Optimus Prime with Roller
  • Legends Bumblebee with Blazemaster
  • Beast Hunters Optimus Prime

Actual package samples were also shown for Blitzwing and Deluxe Impactor revealing that the packaging for at least some of these figures won't change drastically compared to the current packaging. Back at Toy Fair 2013 we got a good look at some of the other package styles we'll see this year including figures packed with comic books. I'm very excited to see where Hasbro is taking the line into its anniversary celebration. This year is off to a great start, but next year should be amazing!

[via juise of the TFW2005 forum]

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