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New prototype of Leafa by Wing sighted. She has Wings!

9:00 AM on 09.03.2013 // Jon Wills

This is more like the Leafa I know.

Word must have gotten around that people were yawning at Griffon's attempt at Leafa because Wing's latest unpainted prototype of manages to address at least a few of the issues that were present in the Griffon version.

First of all and most importantly she now has wings and a somewhat more interesting flying pose. No, she is no Alter's Strike Witch but I have to admire how Wing's pose manages to flatter her figure, particularly her ample bosom while reinforcing the idea that this buxy lady is a fairy.

The pictures are still kind of low quality but I think that this is more in the vein of how a Leafa figure ought to be crafted. Yes, she could be a little bit more action oriented but really I don't mind. I like seeing this friendly, waving side of her. I want to see more on the paint job and final tweaks before I make a judgment but from the prototypes I can give this figure a thumbs up. 

Via Wing's Tumblr

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