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New Nendoroids for Nadoka and Nanoha not in November

9:10 AM on 07.26.2012 // Andres Cerrato

Another day, another round of Nendoroids for you to add to your collection. Before you fret, just take solace that these two will be released in December, so we won't be having 12 Nendos in November. For your pleasure, you can add either (or both) Nendoroid Nanoha Takamachi in the Excellion Mode edition or Nadoka Haramura to your collection.

Nendoroid Nanoha reflects her appearance in the latest Nanoha THE MOVIE 2nd A's and you won't be getting a standard figure, but instead the super-poseable Nendoroid. She comes with 3 faces along with the Raising Heart which can be put into either Excellion or Strike Flame mode. All this plus a magical stand will cost you 3,800 yen.

Not neglecting Nendoroid Nadoka, she will also be coming this November. While she may just be a standard Nendo, that's not to say she isn't great. She comes packed with plenty of accessories including alternate hair, a desk chair, and a plush penguin. As anything that comes with a penguin, I kind of want it for just that. If you like Saki Achiga-hen episode of side-A, mahjong or penguins enough, she'll cost you 3,620 yen.

[Pre-order Nendoroid Nanoha Takamachi at AmiAmi | Hobby Search | Otacute | CD Japan | HobbyLink Japan | J-List]
[Pre-order Nendoroid Nadoka Haramura at AmiAmi | Hobby Search | Otacute | CD Japan | HobbyLink Japan | J-List

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