New kit turns Transformers Kreons into action figures

Limb extensions are also building block compatable.

7:00 PM on 11.13.2012

Designer wulongti has created a rather interesting Transformers add-on kit. Not for a regular Transformers figure or anything, but for Kreons, the little figures that come with Hasbro's Kre-O building sets. The kit includes parts that change Kreons from mini-figures into action figures! With the limb extensions the figures now gain some height, bulk and articulation you wouldn't find in normal block figures. Now the figures feature articulation that even some normal Transformers figures don't have. By basically having the mini-figure grab the arm extension their hand now becomes an elbow allowing for both a pivot and a swivel. The new hand has a ball joint in the wrist an open sided socket and articulated fingers for grasping. The legs are kinda like stilts, the Kreon stands on them while being secured by the back of its legs and the bottom of its feet. Ball joints can be found in both the knees and the feet/ankles, all together adding up to some great pose potential! Of course all of the parts are compatible with building blocks so you can add to their size or even make them able to transform.

wulongti has this up for order on Shapeways, but the version currently being sold isn't entirely finished as he's come up with some alterations needed over the existing version. Until then he's selling them at-cost, starting at US$15.95 plus shipping. I really like this idea and think this will look great with some of the more detailed or accessory heavy Kreons like the ones sold in the blind bags. I'm looking forward to seeing what else wulongti comes up with in the future, he says he has a possible torso extension and ab-crunch in the works. 

[via TFormers]

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Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Associate Editor