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New Hasbro Beast Hunters and Takara FoC figures revealed

9:00 PM on 12.04.2012 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Pictures of Hasbro's Voyager Optimus Prime and Cyberverse Optimus Prime and Predaking appear. Takara reveals Fall of Cybertron Blaster and Skywarp.

Thanks to Big Bad Toy Store we're getting our first look at some new Transformers Prime - Beast Hunters figures. First up is the much awaited preview of Voyager class Optimus Prime! For the most part I like what I'm seeing. His bot mode looks sturdy, he's got a ton of weapons, and his articulation seems to be in all of the right places. His Truck mode also looks like a real battle wagon, now taking on a 'cabover' style semi truck alt mode (like G1 Optimus Prime). Only two places I'm having trouble is the back kibble and the color choices. Kibble is the stuff that hangs off the bot mode with nowhere to go, if you look on Prime's pack you can see where the sides of his truck mode cab are just splayed out awkwardly. Hopefully that's just a mistransformation. The colors are a different story; they're very bright and that translucent green is far too much. We haven't seen the character model for the show yet so it's hard to say if all that green is accurate or not. Not so sure about the yellow door windows, either, they really clash with the green windshields. Hopefully we'll see some changes made when the figure is actually released.

That's not the only Optimus Prime we're seeing as we're also getting our first good look at the Cyberverse Commander version. The smaller version of Prime appears to have a better color sense as it fixes many of my complaints about the Voyager version. The colors are darker, there's no green, and the tire kibble is now shoulder armor. He also still has multiple weapons to make his truck mode look like a rolling armory. Seems like a solid figure to me. We're also seeing Predaking's Cyberverse figure again with a good look at the both modes. Not sure if the character translates quite as well into the Cyberverse scale as he did the Voyager scale. He's decent enough, nicely articulated and well sculpted, but the giant missile launching tail is odd looking and having the dragon head split in half and just hang up over his back is really bizarre. It's a strange thing when you've got a pair of characters with identical release scales, but one looks better as a Voyager and the other as a Cyberverse Commander.

Moving on to what's new from Takara Tomy we get a pair of not at all surprising announcements via TFSource. The first is that they'll be releasing Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Blaster around May. Not shocking news as Takara started allowing solicitations for Blasters minions Eject, Rewind, Ramhorn, and Sundor a while ago so it was only a matter of time before Blaster himself was announced. Blaster is a remold of FoC Soundwave in his familiar orange and yellow colors and will be packed with Steeljaw. What's a little more interesting is the pre-order for a FoC Skywarp! Historically this was just a matter of time as it'll be a repaint of Starscream, but where Hasbro hasn't announced this figure yet this could be an exclusive for Takara. I'm sure as this continues it'll only be a matter of time before Thundercracker is made as well.

[via TFormers]

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