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New figure maker about to change the world with Samurai Champloo series

4:42 AM on 03.14.2008 // Topher Cantler

Here's some exciting news. The crotch pictured above belongs to none other than Samurai Champloo's Mugen. That's not the exciting part. I mean, unless you're a really big fan of Mugen and get excited about seeing his crotch, in which case, enjoy.

What's exciting is the origin of said figure. Mugen here is the first in a line of limited edition, cold-cast Samurai Champloo figures coming to us from a new Hong-Kong based manufacturer called Hobby Figures Global. While that is quite possibly the most generic name in the business, it's their location that really caught my attention.

Hong-Kong is notorious for making ... how can I say it politely ... really sh*tty toys, and doing so in a manner that's less than ethical or respectful to their subjects' creators. To see a manufacturer operating out of Hong-Kong with the kind of dedication to IP holders, artists and collectors that this company has promised in its recent press release is truly a breath of fresh air. This outstanding rendition of Mugen is proof of that, and I hope it continues to shine through in the rest of this series, as well as the new Queen's Blade PVC figures they have planned as their next venture.

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Topher Cantler,
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