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New figma Pit and Pittoo photos take to the sky

7:30 PM on 12.17.2012 // Scarecroodle

Okay, maybe I also need to buy Pittoo...

Photos of a painted figma Pit and Pittoo (Dark/Black Pit), of Kid Icarus Uprising fame, have appeared on game creator Masahiro Sakurai's Twitter feed. These new photos give us a look at both the figures' accessories as well as their general scale.

Pit and his mirror image, Pittoo (pronounced "Pit Two"), predictably use many of the same parts. As such, this means that both characters are shorter than the figma Skyward Sword Link. Given that Pit is a "younger" character (and remarked on as being short by other character in Uprising), it's a fitting size. At the same time, I don't recall the height difference being this great in Super Smash Bros Brawl (granted, that wasn't a Skyward Sword Link...) which may irk fans of the fighting franchise.

Accessory-wise, Pit will be coming with the Palutena Bow (along with an arrow) and presumably also that Monoeye (which includes a stand and seems to feature eye movement). I assumed that he would have additional weapons but, unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. While he's depicted as having the Palutena Bow in its swords/melee form, I'm not sure if it means that the bow itself can split into two pieces (which seems likely in one photo) or if they're included as separate accessory (which could subsequently impact Pittoo, who isn't depicted with the Silver Bow's melee form).

As I personally predicted (see the comments), Pittoo will be coming with the Silver Bow (his main weapon for much of the game) and the Dark Pit Staff (which he used in one of Chapter Six's possible confrontations). Interestingly, Pit is displayed with an alternate shouting face in one photo yet Pittoo is only depicted with his default face. Likewise, Pittoo's Silver Bow doesn't seem to have an arrow; I'm wondering if the Pittoo release might get shafted.

Both figures came out beautifully. While I was only planning on picking up Pit, I might have a very hard time passing up his angsty, antiheroic doppelganger. Pittoo might be less essential, but he's still a major player in a game that I've put over 430 hours into so far. Hopefully we'll see KIU characters down the road, like Palutena, Medusa, Magnus, or... well, can't give away spoilers.

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