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New figma Aegis: The ULTIMATE ver. colorway revealed

7:00 PM on 08.31.2012

Brian Szabelski


Available via Good Smile Shop through Sept. 28

Recently, the fine folks at Famitsu magazine gave out a bunch of codes for Persona 4 Arcade that unlocked alternate skins for several characters, including Aegis' new scheme that borrows Labrys' colors. Now, thanks to Good Smile and Max Factory, you can own that same color scheme on figma Aegis: The Ultimate ver. Famitsu Original Color! Yep, same as the regular Ultimate Aegis, but with a different color palette. Same Gatling gun, same bazooka, same missile launcher and faces.

For ¥4,800 with the usual flat per-order shipping costs, you can add this new Aegis to your collection. I'm not feeling the alt colors and I don't even own the regular figma Aegis, so I'm passing on her. But if you want her, you have until Sept. 28 to pick her up from the Good Smile shop.


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