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New Exorcist figure proves that demon possession can be a head-spinning good time

12:00 PM on 09.29.2009 // Jason Millward

The devil is not a very nice person. Take the case of young Regan MacNeil, for instance. That mean ol' entity took over her body and made the once adorable girl get real ugly. Then he made her say and do some terrible things. I highly doubt that she'll ever be able to eat pea soup again. What kind of being does something like that? For shame.

Hitting retailers next month is NECA's 2nd figure based on the Exorcist license. The possessed Regan strapped to her bed, is one of the classic images in film history. There aren't many sequences in horror films more chilling than this one. At the press of a button, the figure plays sounds from the film, while Regan's head spins around a full 360 degrees. I even worry about the nightmares that I might have were this sitting in my bedroom. They're going for under $40. I'm very tempted to buy one just to mod it. With this and a few old wind-up toys maybe I can bring Colette's dream to life.

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