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Nendoroid 300 is Miku, but overshadowed by better things

2:00 AM on 12.16.2012 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

GSC announces a total of nine new figures and only three of them are Vocaloids.

For a few weeks now Good Smile Company has been pushing hard to get you excited for Nendoroid 300. But as expected, it's Miku Hatsune once again. And not even a really interesting Miku from one of her popular MMD videos, but rather yet another vanilla Miku. This version is simply being dubbed 2.0, though the changes are more like a 1.5. The body seems to be slightly slimmer and her clothes are now glossy rather matte, but other than that it's not a huge change. What is new is the head assembly which now features a separate neck piece. The new system still appears to be compatible with the current two-piece system since there's likely no changes to the body.

They're also giving the boxes a much needed upgrade. Gone are the boring boxes resembling something from a UFO catcher, now the boxes are decked out in bright colors and pictures resembling something closer to a figma box. Hopefully this remains as a change we'll see in all future Nendoroids. And I know it's a drag to see number 300 turn out to be just Miku again, but you do have to admit that the new poses are really cute! The new sitting pose is really adorable. If you're still a big Miku fan you could always go for the upgrade and just keep your old one as your default Miku Hachune figure.

But wait, there's more! GSC wasn't content to only announce the new Miku 2.0, they in fact previewed eight other Nendoroids for 2013! They're keeping the Vocaloid train going with Append versions of Len and Rin in their updated black and white outfits. GSC is heading back to Haganai just in time for the second season with a Nendo based on gothic lolita little sister Kobato Hasegawa. They'll also be returning to Little Busters! for the first time since their initial 2011 release by making a new figure of Rin Natsume. A few weeks ago there was a preview of Nendoroid Wooser and Rin, now we're finding out we'll also be getting Rin's sister Ren and the all black Darth Wooser.

And now for the really new stuff: IS: Infinite Stratos heroine Houki Shinonono makes her Nendoroid debut. She'll be clad in her School uniform rather than her Akatsubaki personal IS. That sure would have been an awesome Nendo. Next, in a curious choice, we have PSP game and upcoming anime Dangan Ronpa's sadistic Monobear. The biggest surprise of all which didn't get nearly the fanfare it deserved is the reveal that Clamp's Cardcaptor Sakura herself is hitting the Nendoroid line! How awesome would it have been if Sakura Kinomoto was number 300? GSC probably doesn't share the same sentiment, but I'll certainly be watching this one closely! Unfortunately there's no official preview for this one.

So what do you think? Good stuff? Bad Stuff? In the mood for adding yet another Miku to your Nendoroid ranks? We've already had a pretty solid preview of things to come for 2013, most of which can be seen in the gallery, and this just goes to further reinforce what an amazing year we're in for!

[via @GSC_GUMA,, Figure/GK]

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