NECA may disturb with Carrie figures

Dec 04 // Scarecroodle

...reminds me of my senior prom

Thought your high school years were bad? Watch Carrie. a coming of age story involving a bullied telekinetic girl who makes her high school's senior prom an event to be remembered... by the survivor(s). NECA has decided to further memorialize horror icon Carrie White with two new figures: one depicting the character before the prom, the other after.

Obviously the eye-grabber here is the post-prom Carrie. I greatly prefer this version because I think Carrie looks a lot better wearing red (even if that red is the blood of her dead classmates, school faculty). It's more visually striking besides being a dynamic pose. Even the face seems to look a bit better. I can see a LOT of fun photography involving this one.

Carrie's non-bloody prom version sports a bouquet and a blissfully unaware expression on her face. While a good-looking figure, it doesn't seem to have the same energy as its bloody variant.

Both versions have an expected March release date and, although listed as a set on BBTS, will presumably be available individually. Anybody planning on picking one of these up? Or will you stand the poor girls up?

[ Pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store ]

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