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Myths & Legends Vinylmation series is releasing soon

2:00 PM on 01.05.2013 // Natalie Kipper

Yetis, mermaids, and gargoyles mingle in this latest set

The Disney Store is getting another Vinylmation series beginning Monday, January 7. Loaded up with Yetis, Medusas, and Ogres, the upcoming Myths & Legends series will explore the monsters of our past. I haven't found an official list of each character but most of the figures are easy enough to identify just by looking at them. So far, I have spotted a Yeti (Big Foot?), Gargoyle, Mermaid, Ogre, Gnome, Medusa, Satyr, Troll, and Abominable Snow Man. If you can make out the identity of some of the others (or wish to correct me on my observations), please post your thoughts in the comments.

You can buy these blind boxed figured individually for US$9.95 each or get a set of 12 boxes for US$238.80. When they drop on Monday, they can be spotted in Vinylmation section of the online store and at physical stores as well.

Is there a specific figure you have your heart set on?

[via Official Disney Merchandise Blog]

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