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Mysterious tail turns up on Bluefin Tamashii's Facebook

1:45 AM on 11.21.2012 // Scarecroodle

Well, either a tail or a turd. Giving them the benefit of the doubt.

The Bluefin Tamashii Nations' Facebook page has been updated with a mysterious photo of what appears to be a tail (at least, I *hope* that's a tail). Speculation has already begun to run wild, with suggestions ranging from a saiyan's tail to Goku's tail (admittedly redundant).

Of course, one user was quick to point out that "Bluefin SPECIFICALLY stated on twitter that the next release for DBZ would be something we saw at Tamashii Nation 2012" which limits the possibilities to Vegeta or Nappa. Personally I'm still hoping that answer is kid Goku but I can't argue with the logic even if it deflates fans' Flying Nimbus or shrinks their Power Poles (probably poor word choice). Out of the two, I would assume Vegeta would come first although I'm more interested in Nappa myself.

[ Bluefin Tamashii Nations' Facebook ]

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