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My wallet is not ready for all of these new Gunpla

5:00 PM on 01.23.2012 // Andres Cerrato

I do love when the new hobby magazines come out as it helps me to set my Gunpla budget for the next couple of months. Given what's appeared in this month's mags, I'm going to have to update the ol' resume to get my hands on what I want.

The biggest eye grabber of the bunch though is the announcement of the Master Grade Gundam Unicorn Banshee. It's set to coincide with the release of episode 5 of Gundam UC in May, but I'm kind of annoyed with it being released so close with the brand-new HGUC kits released just two weeks ago. As for the kit details itself, it will be released this May at the cost of 5,500 yen.

As for the other news, Gundam AGE is continuing its run of kits. The AGE-1 Normal is seeing its release in February, but the other two forms, Titus and Spallow, have been confirmed for release. There's no time table for their release, let alone price. As for more kits that don't have time tables, Gundam SEED's 10th anniversary will see 3 more Master Grades under development. The three remaining original Gundams, Buster, Blitz and Aegis are currently planned for sometime this year.

There's plenty more of Gunpla goodness, so hit the jump for info on all of the new HGUC Gundam UC releases, AGE, the newest Real Grade, the RX-178 Gundam MkII!

Gundam UC is getting a ton of new kits for the HGUC line. Given how many old suits made appearances in episode 4, it's not surprising to see a ton of them get kits. Previously shown off was a member of the Acguy family of weird aquatic mobile suits, the Juagg. Also appearing is the Zaku Sniper, the RMS-108 Marasai, and Nemo. Also showing up is a little suit called the Delta Gundam.

The other big news is the latest Real Grade 1/144 kit. It's back to the Universal Century with the release of the RX-178 Gundam MkII. I love the suit as its own of the few I own in every incarnation (SD, HG, MG, and PG), but after seeing so much of it, I can only imagine what's left to do with it. Knowing Bandai, both Titans and AEUG versions will be coming, with the AEUG coming first most likely. The RG kit is some amazing stuff, but I can't help but feel just a tad bored with the MkII. I'd love to see something like the side story Gundams get RG kits. I know many out there that would like to see a RG Sentinel Gundam.

[Images via Cyber Gundam, 4chan]

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