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Munn-day Morning Recap: Rubber Bands and Paper Clips

10:00 AM on 04.18.2011 // Brian Szabelski

Munn-day Morning Recap is back for yet another week, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these are customs that weren't highlighted in individual posts on Tomopop, but were still worth bringing to your attention.

This week's batch of customs features a few new customs related to Munnyworld, as well as some cool little Dunnys made just for the heck of it. The Munnyworld contest is going on through the end of the month, so there's still some time left to get something together if you haven't started, but you're gonna have to work pretty hard to get it done on time!

But hey, you want to see the customs, don't you? Hit the jump to check them all out!

MacGyver Munny by Jon Paul Kaiser

Let's start with the customs from the header. This was a commission piece done by Jon Paul Kaiser of, who else, MacGyver! I'd have to say whoever commissioned this got their money's worth. No, Jon Paul didn't make this with just some black paint, a paint brush and a paper clip. Well ... at least we can say he didn't use the paper clip.

Pandaimyo by Jon Paul Kaiser

This 8" Dunny is, in fact, JPK's earlier Pandashigaru character, all grown up and even more fierce from years of battle. Again, the detail on this custom in just two colors is very impressive, especially on his face and feet!

Thrice Removed by Carson Catlin

Carson's first Munnyworld entry is this cool little GID Munny custom. As you can see, he's sliced it apart (thus the name) to create a cool, hollow-like structure. I'm almost afraid if I touch it, I'd break it!

Connect by Carson Catlin

Carson's other Munnyworld entry is this 4" fellow named Connect. It's a simple design with a GID Munny, featuring a ton of twisted wire embedded in the piece. I dunno if I like it as much as the first custom, though, just because it doesn't catch my eye as much.

Big Boris by Tesselate

Our buddy Tesselate sent along photos of a new 8" Dunny he did called Big Boris. Boris is a happy little fellow, it seems, with those big green eyes and big smile showing off just how filled with joy he might be. He's been sold, though, so hopefully, he's making someone happy to have him in their collection now!

Desayuno by Adam Greeley

New from Adam Greeley is this spicy luchador with a love for breakfast ... Desayuno! Standing 8" tall with resin accessories sculpted by James English, Desayuno makes creative use of breakfast foods on his mask to create eyes and a nose. Plush he has a sausage whip ... how can you not love it? And he's available now for US$200 in Adam's store!

Kitsune by Owen "Grimsheep" DeWitt

Grimsheep's Munnyworld entry is a cool, Okami-like piece featuring a fox with a katana. Using Trikky as a base, Grimsheep has utilized the jaw of the piece as a snout, which is a cool little trick. Very clean lines and a very simply pattern, too, make this a pretty solid little custom.

[via toycutter]

Scrapbook Dunnys by EFO

Finally, we finish this edition off with a cool series of custom Dunnys from EFO. The Mexican artist has put together this awesome series of scrapbook-inspired Dunnys each with a cool unique accessory and custom box. Check out our gallery for a shot of the whole series!

[via toysrevil]

[If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

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