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Munn-day Morning Recap: In brightest day

11:00 AM on 05.09.2011 // Brian Szabelski

Munn-day Morning Recap is back for yet another week, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these are customs that weren't highlighted in individual posts on Tomopop, but were still worth bringing to your attention. And if it's not morning where you are ... go somewhere where it is, duh.

Last time, we kind of went into overload. Maybe too much so: I've been so busy and tired after posting almost 15 customs last time around that I took a break last week to recharge. On top of that, there's only a handful of Munnys and Dunnys for this edition, perhaps so I can be a little easier on myself. Or my robotic batteries haven't charged yet. One or the other ... you decide.

Anyways, you're probably wondering about the customs? Then hit the jump to check them all out!

Green Lantern Dunny by Ian Ziobrowski

Let's start with the custom from the header. No surprise, it's a Green Lantern Dunny, featuring a hand-crafted Lantern Battery and a Green Lantern Ring hanging around one of the Dunny's ears. Very cool stuff from Ian. And very good timing, you know, with the movie coming out soon. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows ...

[via SpankyStokes]

Predator Dunny by Jon Paul Kaiser

Yet again, we find ourselves with another custom from JPK, and he's created another Predator custom Dunny. This time, he's gone with the maskless version, letting us see the alien hunter's ugly mug up close. Not that you'd ever want to see it this close in person ...

RoboCop and Clarence Boddicker Munnys by Jonas Britt

Now, we've shown off all kinds of RoboCop stuff before, and yes, a RoboCop Munny isn't new. But you know what is? Jonas Britt went the extra mile and made one of Clarence Boddicker — one of the original film's main protagonists — as well, and for that, I have two things to say. One, it's an awesome job (and the sign is a cute touch). Two ... ummmm, where can I buy one of these?

[via toycutter]

Ahren the Fire Warrior by JAOC (a.k.a. Alejandro Ovalles)

More Munnyworld entries? You bet! This one is from JAOC and features a warrior ready to fight. As you can see, he's got a spear and shield, as well as some cool little leather armor. It's a very simple and clean design, and I think it works really well, especially around the face.

[via Plastic and Plush]

Mad Mario by Erwin the Mongar

Oh my. Apparently, Mario has gone insane. Erwin the Mongar's Munnyworld entry is basically a crossover of poor Mario and the T-Virus from Resident Evil. The good news is, yes, it certainly captures a crazy Mario in full bloom. The bad news is crazy Mario has a chainsaw and no mushroom is safe.

Custom Skullhead Dunny by Rsinart

Huck Gee's Skullhead Dunny hasn't even really been out that long, yet we've already got a custom using it as a base. While he didn't do any extra sculpting, the weathered look this piece has looks absolutely awesome. Everyone else planning to do a custom Skullhead: you've got to do pretty good to top this one.

[via SpankyStokes]

Munnyworld customs by B.A.L.D. (a.k.a. Bryan Lopez)

And to wrap things up this week, here's a Munnyworld entry from B.A.L.D. He actually did five of them (the other four — Killer Kitty (Tricky), Lil' Skully Loco (Mini Munny), Monster Mutant Motoring Club (Roos) and Mutant Zombie Raffi (Raffy) — are in the gallery as well), but in particular, I wanted to highlight his Phantom Mini Munny. The shading and detail are great on it, and hey, it's The Phantom.

[If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

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