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Munn-day Morning Recap: I am the Law

12:00 PM on 10.01.2012 // Brian Szabelski

No Sylvester Stallone Munnys this week, but plenty of cool designs!

Even though we're getting ready for New York Comic Con, I've managed to sneak in a bit of time for yet another Munn-day Morning Recap! And if it's not morning where you are, then you might be living on the dark side of the Moon in a space colony. In which case ... please invite me over!

Astronomy geeking aside, we've got some cool customs this week. Yes, there's the one in the header, obviously, but how about some tanks, creatures, tattoo-inspired pieces and one grumpy little guy? If that sounds like something you'd be down with, or if you just want to see some cool customs, hit the jump and check it out!


Judge Dredd by Rocketboy Customs

As always, we start with the featured custom, which is from Rocketboy Customs. Since the new Judge Dredd film just came out, why not be topical and bring you a great custom Munny from Rocketboy Customs? This one features a cool-looking Dredd with a sculpted belt and his Lawgiver pistol in hand, along with nice use of paint on the Munny's head to bring some detail to this piece. It's my favorite of the moment, but not by any means the only good one.

[via Super Punch]

Mariposa and other customs by Otto Bjornik

After a month-long trip, Otto is back with some lovely new customs, and that includes his 7-inch Munny, Mariposa. Commissioned by a collector in Hawaii and given the special request to make the six-toy commission "cute", Otto came up with Mariposa as the centerpiece, a young lady with long hair and butterflies fluttering around her. It's a great looking piece, especially in the two-tone black and white color scheme. Just check out the detailing on those butterfly wings! 

The other customs, featured in the group shot, include a 7-inch Foomi, a Mini Raffy, an Android, a 3-inch Gupgup and a Munko. 

I Love U Always by Emily Bee

Made for Trace Gallery's Fantastic Heroes exhibit in 2011, Emily's I Love U Always Munny resurfaced recently. The piece, with a tattoo inspiration ... well, let Emily explain it: "Roses symbolize love + tattoos are forever. Roses are beautiful, yet have thorns that hurt. Tattoos are also beautiful, yet hurt to get done. Sometimes beauty + pain go hand in hand." At least we don't have to worry about the pain half with this piece!

You can pick I Love U Always up in Emily's shop for US$125.

Freck (featured above), Arkter, Luckman and Barris by Squarefrog Designs

Squarefrog Designs has put together a new quartet of custom Mini-Munnys, with some wild and wacky design work and ... hats? They look like hats. In any case, these are four unique looking pieces and perhaps we'll get to see more from Squarefrog in the future. If this is any indication, it seems like he has some very interesting ideas ...

[via Tenacious Toys blog]

Grumpy Gary by The Color Chemist (a.k.a. Bryan Collins)

I haven't posted a custom from Bryan in a while, but here's his piece for the Vinyl Thoughts 3 show. His name is Grumpy Gary ... and boy, does he look a bit grumpy. However, he also looks wonderful thanks to a pretty vibrant color palette. If you'd like to pick him up, you can find him on the Vinyl Thoughts shop for US$165. 

[via Tenacious Toys blog]

Creatures and Companion series by alarment

Need something a little more alien-looking? Then the Creatures and Companion series from alarment might be of interest to you. The Creatures are all custom Dunnys, each given a slightly different feature or two ... but those pupil-less eyes really make them seem a bit scary. The Companions are 11 designs (seven custom Funkeys and four original sculpts with Android head or Munny accessory bases) that will come paired with each Creature in a blind-boxed set. There's also a custom Mini-Munny and 2.5-inch Bunnee Qee in the mix as Golden Ticket prizes. You can follow him on Facebook for more info on when to expect these to be on sale!

[via Tenacious Toys blog]

Opala Dunnys by Lickyourelbow (a.k.a. Bill Hewitt)

This little set of Dunnys might look familiar to folks who follow the designer scene closely. Why? Because they're 3-inch customs based on the 8-inch Dunny Bill did for the Most Wanted Show earlier this year! The magma colorway is by far my favorite of the bunch as it just looks so natural with that stone-like face. If you're interested in one, they're US$60 each and you can e-mail Bill to purchase one.

The Emerald Time Keeper by Simanion

A very cool, very green piece from Simanion with lots of detail. This 7-inch Munny features an intricately-detailed face, plus some lovely sculpted wings. I do like how there's a face hidden within the Munny's clock face as well; feels a lot like what Kronk's been doing lately, except it's a different style.

Oh, and did I mention this is his first custom Munny? Because it is.

[via Tenacious Toys blog]

Destructo-Tank Dunnys by Shez

Finally, we get to show something fun: tanks! These are previews of an upcoming blind-boxed Dunny series from Shez featuring Dunnys that have been turned into tanks. They even have little treads where their feet are, turning the actual legs into something more like supports for the treads. There's only going to be five pieces done in three colorways, and they'll be available exclusively in mid-October from Beacon, N.Y., retailer Dream in Plastic (price TBD).

[via SpankyStokes]

[If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]


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