Munn-day Morning Recap: Hazardous to your health


It's been a while since we've had Munn-day Morning Recap due to San Diego Comic Con, but it's back this week with some incredible new custom pieces. If there's a theme this week, it's things that are dangerous or hazardous: killers, poisons, demons, skeletons and lumberjacks (hazardous for trees). Some are from old familiar faces, but a few this week are from new names worth checking out or keeping an eye on.

Hit the jump to check things out, but take some safety precautions first!

Poison II "The Deadly 7 and Legion Dose" Dunny series by Zukaty

You might remember Zukaty's past Poison Dunnys, but he's recently released his Poison II "The Deadly 7 and Legion Dose" Dunny series. The series features seven Dunnys: five black 3-inch ones, a red chase and a yellow chase. Also available is a Legion Dose 8-inch Dunny, and all the Dunnys are bagged with a header card, mini-canvas original art and an "I've been poisoned" badge/pin.

Want one? The yellow and some black Dunnys are still available in Zukaty's shop. However, Zukaty also says the following: "If they sell out and more interest is shown I will run a 24-hour open commission/pre-order, for those collectors that might have missed out, and really want one; these will be made on demand on a 6-10 week waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis." Let him know on his Facebook page if you want more Poison Dunnys, because this is your last chance to nab one!

Punisher Munnys by Grimsheep

Speaking of things bad for your health, I would say The Punisher can be quite hazardous if you're in his sights! These three 7-inch Munnys, each for sale for US$300, comes packing weapons, and each is one-of-a-kind. Very cool stuff!

[via toycutter]

Bane Munny by Kreativ31

Also dangerous? I would think Bane qualifies. Kreativ31 brings us the Dark Knight Rises look of Bane, and considering that Kreativ31 is a bit of a newcomer, it's not that bad. Everything's sculpted from polymer clay and painted with acrylics; he's only missing his jacket, I think!

[via SpankyStokes]

Dunmeat by Motorbot

If Motorbot's past grinning resins have caught your eye, then his 3-inch Dunmeat customs might be something you were hoping to pick up. Sadly, these were sold out almost as soon as they went up, but each one comes in either a clear vinyl or glow-in-the-dark vinyl for only US$12. That's crazy; these have much more work than some of your average US$9.95 Dunnys. Hopefully, there will be some variant of these in the future so we can pick them up again!

[via The Blot Says]

What A Day For A Daydream by Pause Designs

From the lands up north called Canada, Pause Designs brings us a lumberjack who dreams of nothing more but working in the forests. The 8-inch Dunny has real boots and clothing, an ax, chest and arm hair and it's in someone's collection. That's right: it's a commission, but a beautiful one at that!

[via Kidrobot blog]

Australian Stand Over Koala and Cop; Bolivian Alpaca Chemist and Jungle Patrol; and Mickey Dunny by Stu Witter

Stu Witter has put together another batch of Dunny customs. Two of them are pairings: the two koalas and the two alpacas, each forming a themed set and coming with handmade weapons by Stu. But if you're a fan of the Mouse, Stu's cooked up a small Dunny based on his appearance as well, complete with red pants.

[via Tenacious Toys Blog]

Shikko-sha Dunny — Subscriber Ver. by Artmymind

Artmymind has made an edition of 20 handcrafted custom 3-inch Dunnys for their subscribers, using the Shikko-sha Dunny base. The difference is this one is painted yellow and not teal like the mystery edition. Gotta love the Eastern-inspired look for this custom; I know it's the one thing I love most about Artmymind's work!

I'm the Real Chase by Kong Andri

Inspired by the Dunny 2012 Series, Kong Andri has made a new custom that's called I'm the Real Chase, based off the idea of the mysterious chase figure. Andri says, "I thought it would be funny when someone open a dunny and got the real chase with black/white colour with question mark just really like on the packaging." A fun little idea, I think! The 3-inch Dunnys are blank, outside of a question mark on the front and some text on the back reading "I'm the real chase" and "?/??"

You can pre-order these in the Kong Andri store for US$45 for each individual figure or US$80 for the set, shipping extra. They're limited to 7 pieces for each colorway.

Onryo by Davidkraig

Davidkraig has turned a 4-inch Munny into something fantastic with the demonic Onryo. According to Davidkraig, "Onryo is a Japanese demon who is able to return to the physical world in order to seek vengeance ... look out!" Made with Super Sculpey and acrylics, this guy has some incredible detail on him and I'd love to have him on my shelf! 

Skeletal Munny by Joseph Ayala

Finally, we have a custom from Joseph Ayala, a 7-inch skeletal Munny. Joseph was worried his cut-out body style might be too close to an artist he respected in DrilOne, so he reached out to Dril to make sure Dril didn't think he was stealing. Of course, Dril was cool with the design and said it definitely wasn't stealing (I agree with the assessment), and so, Joseph's decided he's going to go forward with making 10 of these that he'll sell. The skeleton in the hollowed-out body is made of Sculpey and the Munny head has been redone to add a jaw, toothy grin and a skull fracture. We'll keep an eye out for more details on the release!

[If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

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