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Munn-day Morning Recap: Go Team ... Dunny?

9:00 AM on 05.30.2011 // Brian Szabelski

Munn-day Morning Recap is back for yet another week, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these are customs that weren't highlighted in individual posts on Tomopop, but were still worth bringing to your attention. And if it's not morning where you are ... then it's probably late at night. GO TO SLEEP.

This week's got a few new customs, including one from a few years ago that I'm pretty sure most of you wish you owned. Oh, and there's a few others. worth noting, too. Hit the jump to check them all out!

Doctor Venture Mega Dunny by Jackson Publick

Let's start with the custom from the header. Yes, that's a Doctor Venture Mega Dunny. Yes, it was painted by Jackson Publick. And yes, it's in someone else's collection, as it was sold in 2006 as part of Kidrobot's Paint Ball charity auction. Unfortunately, Tomopop didn't exist back then, and this was only posted up on the Official Venture Bros. Blog last week, so we didn't even know of it's existence. Had we known ... well, I think we would have flipped out in a good way.

Han Shot First by Jon Paul Kaiser

Yet again, we find ourselves with another custom from JPK. If you don't know who this is, then you don't know Star Wars. But I'll help you out: it's Greedo, the bounty hunter Han shot in Mos Eisley in Episode IV. The two-tone detailing is, as always, killer. Heh, unintentional pun.

Super Rainbow Dunny by 64Colors

Another 64Colors commission? Why sure, we can always use one of them! This one is a massive Mega Dunny with tons of pink and other cute things like rainbows and unicorns. Loving the detail and how it really mixes a lot of elements of other 64Colors customs in while bringing in a few new things! Check out more photos of it on their Flickr, along with other projects.

Zombie Juice Dunny by VISEone

If you've seen VISE's previous Tube Dunnys, then you probably recognize the design here. Like those, he's gone and used liquid squeezing out of tubes, wrapped around 3" Dunnys, except these are green. They still look pretty cool all suspended like that, don't they?

K.A.O.S. the Klown by B.A.L.D. (a.k.a. Bryan Lopez)

OH GOD I AM SCARED. Yeah ... it's a crazed clown. You can buy him from Bryan's shop for US$250. I'm just going to go crawl into a corner and cry a bit here ...

Main Street Magi by Scott Tolleson

Scott's newest custom (for They Came From The Streets) is, in his own words, "a good luck keeper that’s been around for awhile. While others work to duplicate his charm and good fortune he simply becomes more powerful and rises to the occasion. Rub that bald head of his like the belly of a Buddha and your most evil wishes will come true." Also, he apparently loves argyle ... or is that just Scott's doing? 

[via SpankyStokes]

Popcorn Machine by timselF

Finally, there's a custom from timselF for a fellow named Manny who has a girlfriend that loves popcorn. He turned a 3" Dunny into a custom popcorn popping machine. Hopefully, that's not real popcorn inside ... or I wouldn't want to see that in a few months.

[via SpankyStokes]

[If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

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