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Munn-day Morning Recap: A visitor from space

11:00 AM on 11.12.2012 // Brian Szabelski

New customs from Otto Bjornik, Ian Ziobrowski, Josh Mayhem and more

After a long, busy month, Munn-day Morning Recap returns! And if it's not morning where you are, you may have forgotten to move your clocks forward an hour a couple weekends ago. You should go do that.

Anyways, now that New York Comic Con, DesignerCon, Tamashii Nation and a multitude of other events in Japan have passed, we're back to talking custom Munnys, Dunnys and the like. This week's installment sees us head off to space, meet a mad scientist and run into a robot armed to the teeth! Somehow, they're all unrelated, but to find out why, you'll just have to hit the jump, won't you?

Oddysey 1969 by Otto Bjornik

So, as always, we start with the customs featured in the header. This time, it's a pair from Otto Bjornik made for a collector. Both 7-inch Munnys are astronaut-themed, and feature the human astronaut Neil A. (wonder who that could be?) meeting his complete counterpart ... A Lien. Very cool play on the names there, and the pieces themselves look well detailed, too! I sure hope the collector who got these is happy, because they really should be.

Octo-Dunnys by melodreama

If you need some friends with multiple appendages, you might like melodreama's Octo-Dunnys. The two don't really look like Dunnys at first glance, but it seems like melodreama has removed the ears from a Dunny head to use as tentacles on the bottom side, with others thrown in to get the numbers just right.

You can find the one remaining Octo-Dunny in black at melodreama's store for US$45.

[via Tenacious Toys blog]

This Won't Hurt a Bit by Davidkraig

Davidkraig has sent us photos of his latest, a 7-inch Munny he made for the Munny Mash show at Kidrobot Boulder at the end of last month. It's a mad scientist with a tool in hand and goggle accessories, made with a lot of Sculpey anbd some nifty LED work so the goggles seem to change color. Awesome stuff here! 

Architectus by Kreativ31

Kreativ31's latest custom Munny is Architectus, a 7-inch beast meant to evoke elements of architecture, including woodgrain, heraldry and brick. It's an interesting looking piece with an ornately sculpted front, and you can purchase it in Kreativ's shop for US$200.

Agent Ox by Ian Ziobrowski

Ian's latest custom is Agent Ox, a 3-inch Dunny made for the Urban Vinyl Daily blind-box series. Coming in both black and a special red variant, Agent Ox wears a hand-knitted hoodie and is a two-faced agent. Literally: one face is a Nuggs look-alike, and the other is Ox's real, sunglasses-wearing face, as he's out to bust some folks. 

You can pick one up as part of the series for US$75.

The Killdroid 5000 by Josh Mayhem

Finally, we have Josh Mayhem's custom for the Plastic Chapel Dunny Show, the Killdroid 5000. A home defense droid on overkill, his listed accessories include "featuring dual side mounted machine guns, assault rifle, head mounted laser guided missile, head mounted pulse cannon, Deathclaw, and a Bowie knife." Clearly, it's a machine for those really, really, really worried. Josh's piece has already found a home, too, so there's at least one person out there with a big security need!

[If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

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