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Munn-day Morning Recap: A sweet treat

9:00 AM on 05.23.2011 // Brian Szabelski

Munn-day Morning Recap is back for yet another week, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these are customs that weren't highlighted in individual posts on Tomopop, but were still worth bringing to your attention. And if it's not morning where you are ... then come visit because it's morning here. Plus, free breakfast!

This week's a bit short on the customs, if only because there's not much going on. I'm thinking everyone's a bit tired after Munnyworld and most of the custom shows going on this month don't feature Munnys and Dunnys as a platform of choice.

Anyways, you're probably wondering about the customs? Then hit the jump to check them all out!

Banana Split Dunny by Pocketwookie

Let's start with the custom from the header. Created for last week's G40 Art Summit, Pocketwookie went with a custom Dunny that makes my stomach grumble. Seriously, from the dripping chocolate to the peanut to the spork, it looks delicious enough to eat, does it not? I know I'd like to have one of these. Not to eat, because, well ... it's plastic.

[via SpankyStokes]

Predator Dunny by Jon Paul Kaiser

Yet again, we find ourselves with another custom from JPK, and for this commissioned piece, he's painted Toshiro Mifune as Kuwabatake Sanjuro from the classic movie Yojimbo. Really, nothing more I need to say, right? Just gorgeous from every angle. Note the slight use of red on the cut to draw attention to it.

Manbearpig Munny by Valerie G.

Domy Books in Houston played host to the Space City's first major custom vinyl show (at least that we can recall here on Tomopop), and one of the customs that appeared there was from Valerie G. Yep, that's Manbearpig of South Park fame (Al Gore not included), or at least Valerie's take on what the mythical half-man, half-bear, half-pig beast looks like. Do you guys think she's got the right idea, or do we need more conclusive proof of Manbearpig?

[via SpankyStokes]

Rabbit in Respite by Andrew R. Shondrick

Also for the Cast in Plastic show at Domy Books in Houston was Andrew R. Shondrick's newest custom Munny. Yes, that's a Munny under all that sculpting. I love how the little guy's sleeping and just looks so peaceful, don't you?

[via SpankyStokes]

[If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

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