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Daniel Yu: Muckelbones

Mucklebones will eat your soul

10:15 PM on 12.29.2014 // Rachael Chambers

Or at least damage it a little

Alright, so maybe there won't be any soul stealing, but this little guy is so creepy cute it doesn't really matter. Customized from a Pocket Slideshow 'Sproot' toy (originally designed by Chris Ryniak), this sofubi has been completely repainted and accented with sculpting by Daniel Yu. The result is a very colorful 3 inch-tall mini monster that looks like a mix between a mandrake and a cabbage loving witch doctor. Which is good (obviously). 

Mucklebones is Daniel's last piece for 2014 and is, of course, one of a kind. He will be available online starting December 29th (EST), December 30th (SGT).  You can pick him up for US$75 with free worldwide shipping.

Are there any toys you're planning on picking up before the year closes out? Share below!

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Rachael Chambers, Resident Lesbian
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I'm a twenty something artist living in the Pacific Northwest. I'm passionate about adventure, minimalism, and making the perfect cup of tea. You can usually find me drawing pretty girls or busti... more   |   staff directory

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