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MotUC Ram Man delayed to February

5:30 PM on 01.07.2013 // Scarecroodle

...why does that announcement have 21 likes?

Matty Collector has announced via their Facebook that Masters of the Universe Classics Ram Man, originally slated for January, will now be pushed back to February. You know, to screw up my intended monthly order.

The official company line is that the full allotment won't arrive in time (a la Granamyr) so they've decided to push him back a month so all Club Eternian subscribers can get him at the same time. In short, Matty Collector somehow figured out that I was planning on buying Ram Man and the DCU Saint Walker so they needed to find a way to break up my shipping bundle (the dastardly fiends!).

While I would have loved to have bought the two figures together, now I think I'll probably just skip Saint Walker for now and hope that he appears again in a later sale this year (which is unlikely). Given that I was really looking forward to Ram Man, I'm understandably disappointed and am officially issuing Matty Collector a frowny face.

[ Matty Collector ]

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