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Aug 03 // Scarecroodle

Not seen at Tamashii Nations / Bluefin's Monster Arts booth at SDCC were two new Godzilla Monster Arts figures, namely Godzilla Junior and Burning Godzilla.

Godzilla Junior seems to be a recreation of Godzilla's son in his awkward teen years before the plates on his back grew in... actually, Godzilla Junior is a a somewhat older Little Godzilla (who also has a Monster Arts figure now) which first appeared in Godzilla vs Destroyah (1995) (yet another one of those Godzilla films that I never got around to watching). His compatriot, Burning Godzilla, apparently hails from the same film and is Godzilla's superheated, unstable form. Gee, at this rate I wonder if the next entry will be Destroyah himself!

Burning Godzilla looks like just another Godzilla re-deco and, given the other con-exclusive re-deco, he doesn't really stand out. However, I love the look of Godzilla Junior whose form looks a lot sleeker without the back-plates. It's hard to tell whether he uses the same mold or is a smaller figure, although given the character context and price differential I would imagine the latter to be true.

I'm still wondering if we'll ever see a King Kong in this series. King Kong has co-starred with Godzilla in the past but I guess there may be licensing issues. Otherwise I'm still holding out hope that someday the less-popular Biollante may find her way into the line (and Zilla, too!).

[Pre-order from Big Bad Toy Store: Godzilla Junior | Burning Godzilla]

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