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More pics of Bartholomew Punchyface emerge!

2:00 PM on 01.07.2013 // Natalie Kipper

And he is looking un-bear-ably cute

Luke Chueh and Scott Tolleson's Bartholomew Punchyface plush was teased way back in late June of last year. We then saw the prototype made by Holly Stanway a.k.a. a little stranger at San Diego Comic Con 2012. Since then, the little beat-up bear has been put into production, thanks to 3D Retro's Ben Goretsky. 

Yesterday, pictures emerged on both Luke's tumblr and Scott's twitter feed, revealing that not only was the adorable plush "coming soon" but that there were three colorways of him (see the header and gallery image). I personally like the orange one best. It was also noted on Scott's instagram photo that Bartholomew's wedgie action made into the final product. I know Bartholomew Punchyface has been on my "must-have" list since forever and I am beyond thrilled to see more news about him.

Anyone else planning on picking him up?

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Natalie Kipper, Associate Editor/Plush Guru
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