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More MegaHouse boys from Fate/Zero and Tiger & Bunny

9:45 AM on 11.22.2012 // Jonathan Tubbs

Fate/Zero's Lancer in color, Archer and Velvet revealed as well as Tiger & Bunny's Ivan, and Gundam Seed's Yzak teased.

Egad MegaHouse! You're going all out with the guys from Fate/Zero and then some as seen in the latest magazine scans! We knew that the 1/8-scale M.M.S. Collection Lancer is coming but now the fellow is featured in color bringing out every bit of detail about this figure. You know what bits I mean. Seriously, the painting of his muscle structure is looking fantastic. Speaking of fantastic, that Superman hair curl is looking amazing. ...okay, exaggerating a bit there.

Joining Lancer will be two more characters from this title. The first is MegaHouse taking a crack at Waver Velvet with their own 1/8-scale figure. However, this one doesn't bring the boyish charms that ALTER's version does and will be have a more serious attitude. The highlight of all the Fate/Zero boys is easily the 1/8-scale M.M.S. Collection Archer (Gilgamesh) who is looking snazzy in his prototype form. Oh, that face is one you'll just want to take home to the family. ...actually, don't. One great feature about this figure is the set the additional set of arms that will have them crossed while performing Gate of Babylon. 

Not from Fate/Zero or the M.M.S. Collection series will be the next entry in MegaHouse's releases for Tiger & Bunny. I'm sure girls may be swooning over this one as the scans revealed the 1/8-scale G.E.M. Series Ivan Karelin. That wavy hair. That stylish pose. That face. Excuse me. I think I may need to fan myself off here. The prototype is looking great for this figure and should be a real treat for fans. Lastly, kind tucked of away in these scans is the announcement that Yzak Jule from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED will be getting a 1/8-scale figure under the Alpha x Omega brand. We'll learn more about him at the upcoming MegaHobby EXPO on November 25, 2012.

Lots of snazzy boys coming from MegaHouse but the only downside about all them? Well, besides no set release dates. Generic poses! But that's okay! I think Archer's Gate of Babylon makes up for it. ...well, if you're a fan of his. Ivan's is not so bad either. The kid be looking cool and hip and whatever terms kids use these days. Have to hear from you folks. Any boys in these scans you're ready to pre-order in an instant?

[via 2chan]

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