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More Eaglemoss chess figurines and others for pre-order

5:00 PM on 09.23.2012 // Scarecroodle

What's a good portmanteau for chess figurine? Chessurine? Chessrine? Chegurine?

Eaglemoss continues to fill its Batman and Lord of the Rings chessboards with new pieces and, for you non-chess fans out there, Eaglemoss has some new regular Marvel figurines available for pre-order as well.

The Eaglemoss chess sets seem to be filling slowly yet surely. Given that each new piece is around US$16, it's no surprise that they choose to release them slowly like they do their normal selection. The Lord of the Rings set is gaining two new bishops in the form of Legolas and the Witch King (white and black respectively). They join the currently available for pre-order Aragorn, Gandal, Gollum, and Gothmog.

Given how many entries we've seen in the Batman chess figurine line (including multiple variants for Batman and Joker), I'm a little surprised that it's still not complete yet here we have two (well, three) more figurines coming into play. The first is a rather lackluster black rook Man-Bat. The Man-Bat's design and sculpting really look sub-par plus, as far as Batman rogues go, does Man-Bat really warrant rook status? Also available is a black pawn Black Mask who, despite being a mastermind, might deserve that pawn rank given how the character was portrayed in Batman: Under the Red Hood. For those not fond of figurines, the DC Universe Black Mask recently went up for sale at Matty Collector and, while it may be sold out on-site, you can likely get it at a mark-up from a reseller.

The final chess figurine is a New 52-styled Batman on top of a Bat Signal. Given that it looks larger than the other selections, I'm not entirely sure how it would work on an actual chessboard. The Bat Signal Batman is a really cool-looking item, though, even if the Bat Signal itself is painted rather than a light-up version. This figurine is a special edition and, as such, costs more than usual at around US$38.

Other new listings include the over-sized special edition Giant-Man (around US$28) as well as Constrictor and Wolfsbane at around US$14 apiece. I really wonder why we have yet to see a Marvel-themed chess set as the Avengers, X-Men, and Spider-Man (and his amazing friends!) all seem ripe for chess treatment. Anybody hoping to see a particular franchise put into an Eaglemoss chess format?

[ Pre-order Lord of the Rings chess | new Batman chess and other listings from Big Bad Toy Store ]

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