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More Battle Beast sketches show what could appear in line

11:00 PM on 11.10.2012 // Scarecroodle

Can a Samurai Lizard beat a Ninja Turtle?

The Battle Beasts Facebook page has been updated with more Battle Beasts art, this time for the Zik the Dragonfly and Samurai Lizard.

Fans will recall that Zik was among the first Battle Beast Minimates to be released, as he appeared alongside Vorin in a 2-pack sold during SDCC 2012. I can't say that I liked the look of that Minimate nearly as much as I do the character art but a lot of that simply comes down how they handled the head. Plus, given the thinner body type, I suppose it's not something that might necessarily translate well.

Samurai Lizard (which sounds awesome) hasn't been fortunate enough to receive a figure yet, but he will be a solid addition when (or if) he does join the line. That oversized frill would certainly look cool, even if it ended up obscuring some of his armor. If you like the look of Samurai Lizard (or Zulu Cheetah or Hoplite Albatross, for that matter), I'd encourage you to make that opinion known on the Battle Beasts Facebook page.

[ Battle Beasts Facebook ]


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