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Mogwai are the holiday gift that keeps on giving

6:00 PM on 11.08.2012 // Scarecroodle

Who the hell gives magical multiplying dangerous transforming monster pets as gifts?!

When people think Christmas movies, Gremlins probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. However, fans of the iconic '80s film will fondly remember Gizmo as being the coolest Christmas gift ever given. Unfortunately, until technology (or ancient Eastern magic) advances to the point where humans can have mogwai as pets (Why? Why would anybody want one of these as a pet?), we'll have to settle for toy representations and this season NECA will be giving Toys "R" Us the gift of an exclusive Christmas-themed Gizmo. And Toys "R" Us, in the traditional holiday spirit, will be selling that gift to Gremlins fans.

"Santa Gizmo" features a new headsculpt (cuter than the Mogwai series 1 version, I might add) along with a trumpet and candy cane. Given that the hat is also listed as being an accessory, it should be removable despite not being specifically stated as such. Otherwise, the figure seems to share the same basic Mogwai body mold as many of the other figures in the line and also features the eye-roller system. Given that the figure seems like a step up from the previous (non-Combat) Gizmo figures, I'd say that it's fully worth a pick-up if you can find it.

Santa Gizmo will be the second Toys "R" Us exclusive Gremlins figure, following the Lightning Gremlin. The general availability of these figures seems better than some of the other Toys "R" Us exclusives so I don't expect that anybody interested will have too hard of a time finding a copy. No price has been specified thus far but one would assume that it'll cost between US$13 and US$18, the prices for a standard Mogwai figure and a standard Gremlins figure on the TRU website respectively.

Any Gremlins fans (or enjoyers of cuteness in general) as excited as I am for this?

[ NECA ]

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