MLP Plush Compilation 100: So many plush, so little time!

Jan 17 // Rio McCarthy

I can't hold all of these ponies!

I can't believe Equestria Daily has already posted 100 editions of their My Little Pony plush compilations! There are so many creative artists out there, and so many have been showcased in these posts already, but they seem far from spent when it comes to how much creativity they have left to share.

While I'm always amazed at how quickly some artists get items made right after episodes air, such as the plush of Lightning Dust in this gallery, I'm more amazed when people create things based on rumors! This gallery has a plush of Alicorn Twilight Sparkle, which is a mere rumor going around about what could happen in future episodes. It's neat when people take the time to create something like that, and I can't wait to see what it looks like, should it really happen in the show.

Of course, with this being the 100th compilation, there are just too many great plushies to get to show you all of them here in our gallery, so head on over to Equestria Daily to see the full post and learn more about the individual artists.

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