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Mix up some Atelier pre-orders with Rorona

12:00 PM on 04.26.2012 // Emily Smalara

I knew that Gust's Atelier series was pretty popular, but I had no clue the latest saga in the long running games would spawn such a stream of figures! Judging from the recent titles' utterly gorgeous art it shouldn't be a surprise, though, and now Phat Company is jumping on the alchemy bandwagon with a rather adorable figure of Rorona herself.

It's a much younger looking figure than Megahouse's Rorona, which is curious, but not necessarily a bad thing. It is also, however, quite a bit less detailed, with only a few minor accessories and some detailing on her dress. I'm not as familiar with the Atelier series as I'd like though, thanks to the rarity and expense, so I'm sure there's reason she looks so different from the previous Rorona we've seen.

Regardless of the detail though, she's a cute figure on her own and very well crafted! She'll be available in September and you'll need to transmute around ¥7,429 to get your hands on her.

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Otacute | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan ]

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