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Mike NEMO Mendez has a custom Iron Man knockoff for your purchasing pleasure

12:00 PM on 09.13.2011 // Chris Pranger

Well this is certainly interesting and pretty darned brilliant if you ask me, which you do. Custom artist Mike "NEMO" Mendez stumbled across a stockpile of bootleg Iron Man action figures, cutely named "Steel Warriors" in order to fool precisely no one, and decided that instead of ranting to the universe (my usual solution) to do something constructive and turn these knockoffs into custom pieces that can then be sold back to you at exorbitant prices. Well, exorbitant considering the rip-off Iron Men were only 99¢ each.

After snagging 10 of the 5" figures, NEMO went to work with new paint jobs that highlighted the non-Iron Manness of the toys, such as picking a blue and steel color scheme to accent the hulking armors. Each piece also comes in its original packaging so that you can see just the sort of madness he was working from. The only catch is that the price for each figure is US$45, a number that seems rather high for what we're working off of. Sure, the novelty is cute and the irony is off the charts, but you've got to really want to stick it to...someone I suppose, in order to spend that much for knockoff Iron Man toys, even custom painted ones.

That's just "hey are you gonna eat that ramen" old Pranger though. I want to know what everyone else thinks. Will you pass these up, or are you seeking to purchase one for your shelf right this second? If so, you can head here to do so. So, what's the verdict Tomoindividuals? Buy or pass?

[via Toysrevil]

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