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Mikatan reveals some new Nendoroid stands

7:00 PM on 12.18.2012

Brian Szabelski


Well, new on the surface, anyways.

We got a little bit of a surprise today from Mikatan, who has announced on Twitter a new part of the Nendoroid 300 celebration campaign. There will be three celebration-exclusive Nendoroid stands on the way: one featuring a schoolroom floor, one a little dirt path and the third a road pattern. Other than the patterning, they are your standard Nendoroid stand bases, and they can be used with any Nendoroid that can use the regular base.

It seems as though these will be shipped out (one random selection with each) for every new Nendoroid release that ships out in the next month. If that's not quite right, I'll update this post, but 

[via Figure News Blog]

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