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Mickey's mysterious Vinylmation

12:52 PM on 08.05.2008 // Qais Fulton

On July 29th, Disney parks began selling a series of collectible pins under the name Vinylmation. Each pin in the set is based on the iconic Mickey silhouette, with an artistic bent added to the paint job resulting in Kermit Mickey, Polka-Dot Mickey, and Upside-Down Mickey to name a few. The obvious influence here is the trend by vinyl toy designers to release limited edition colorways and customs for their new figures.

But as Plastic and Plush seems to allude, this may be more than simply inspiration. While, apparently, there's a seedy subculture of octogenarians and lobotomized Disney employees that treat these pins as serious business, the designs of these pins is too good not to portend an eventual vinyl figure release.

What say you Tomopeeps, would you welcome the big D getting into the vinyl game, or do we already have enough mini-figs without adding a searing corporate brand to our collections?

Qais Fulton,
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