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MegaHouse shows Lancer, Chie, and more in latest scans

8:00 AM on 10.23.2012

Take a look at MegaHouse's latest Persona 4, Fate/Zero, Saint Seiya Omega, and Aquarion EVOL figures.

It's time of the month again where we open the digital pages of a magazine and look at the pretty pictures to get excited about what's coming down the line. Ah, gives me memories of when I was a child and would flip through the old gaming magazines at the magazine stand.

Two pieces of big news from MegaHouse in the latest scans have to be both Lancer from Fate/Zero and Chie from Persona 4. I know I'm excited by one of those! It's great to see the 1/8-scale, 230 mm tall M.M.S. Collection Fate/Zero Lancer with his rather built body but once again the male figure is doomed to a generic pose. You can't woo people with this just because of those tight cheeks, MegaHouse! Give some variety! Like what you did with the 1/8-scale, 200 mm tall High Priestess TV Anime Persona 4 Chie! She's given her traditional pose and is looking ever beautiful. I'm loving the detail to bring out her lips and cannot wait for her to go up for pre-order.

Saint Seiya Omega will be seeing a pair of characters get turned into 1/8-scaled figures. Pegasus Kouga and Aquila Yuna both will be coming next year with the latter coming out in March. I guess Pegasus' pose is better than him just standing there? With MegaHouse tackling Aquarion EVOL, the company has even more coming with their next releases being the 1/8-scale, 150 mm tall Excellent Model Crea Dolosera and Yunoha Thrul. We mustn't forget The iDOLM@STER! Also shown in the latest scans is the release of the 1/7-scale Brilliant Stage iDOLM@STER 2 Azusa Miura Princess Melody ver. Honestly, I think the outfit is an eyesore but what do I know about idols?

Even if they are all 2013 releases, I'm very excited to see Chie finally show up and cannot wait for her to go up for pre-order. I can trust MegaHouse to do a good job of coloring her. What about you? Anything you see that's already an instant pre-order or do you need to see a coat of paint first before you make your decision?

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