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MegaHouse's Amazon muscles her way to pre-orders

2:00 AM on 01.17.2014
MegaHouse AmazonMegaHouse's Amazon muscles her way to pre-orders photo

Dragon's Crown's Amazon is full of muscles. The official art of her makes Arnold look like Urkel. Then the early garage kits came in, and... well they didn't inspire much desire in me.

MegaHouse eventually announced their own version of the Amazon, and she looks waif-ish in comparison to the other figures. Now she's up for pre-order, and I feel pretty good about snatching one up. She's going for ¥9,250 MSRP and will be out in July. Be sure to check back for more pre-order links.

[ Pre-order at Hobby Search | AmiAmi | J-List | Big in Japan ]

MegaHouse's Amazon muscles her way to pre-orders photo
MegaHouse's Amazon muscles her way to pre-orders photo
MegaHouse's Amazon muscles her way to pre-orders photo

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Megahouse: Dragon's Crown Amazon

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