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MegaHobby Expo 2012 Autumn: MegaHouse's Persona 4 stuff

12:00 AM on 11.26.2012 // Tianxiao Ma

Raise your knowledge and understanding of this franchise!

Are you enjoying Persona 4 Golden? I bought a PS Vita just for this game and it's everything I hoped for. MegaHouse is going to bring some of the game's endearing characters into the figure world, and at MegaHobby Expo we got a glimpse of what they might look like.

Their High Priestess Yukiko - the one we've been seeing forever - was there. Yukiko was released in August but I guess she's tagging along here just for fun. The Chie figures are still in the works, and this time we also have photos of the summer uniform version. Rounding up the ladies is the High Priestess Rise Kujikawa, taken from the Persona 4 Arena design.

The last figure is the protagonist, now in painted form. Though I'm a huge Persona 4 fan, I do feel somewhat disappointed by these figures. The quality of sculpt and level of detail don't seem to be on par with other 1/8-scale MegaHouse figures.

[Thanks to the folks at Tokyo Hunter for the photos!]

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