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Mega Man gets pixelated with Nanoblock pre-order

10:00 AM on 08.15.2013 // Scarecroodle

Possibly more than 8-bits in there...

Kawada's Nanoblock Mega Man (Rockman) and Cut Man sets are currently available for pre-order. The Mega Man set is listed as including the necessary pieces to build Mega Man in either a standing pose or a buster cannon pose.

The Mega Man set will include the pieces to build an E-Tank, large energy pellet, and a large weapon energy capsule as accessories. The Cutman pack features Cut Man (with a removable Rolling Cutter) and three enemies.

After years of LEGO being closely associated with 8-bit customs, it's a little odd to see another company releasing what appear to be fully licensed kits. Kawada's bricks (apparently called Diablocks) bear a striking resemblance to LEGOs, although they seem to a little shorter in height. Nanoblocks, as used in this set, are apparently half the size of Kawada's standard Diablocks, with the smallest piece being a 4mm by 4mm block (which have been used for very tiny buildings). Nanoblock Mega Man's height is listed as 6-cm while Cut Man allegedly stands a little taller at 8-cm.

Although I like the notion of getting full kits for building out 8-bit characters, I'm a little less enthusiastic about the ¥1,800 list price. I suppose it's not an outrageous price, but I would assume something of this nature to list for about half that. What do you guys think, though? And are you looking forward to any particular character?

[ Pre-order Mega Man at HobbyLink Japan | AmiAmi | CD Japan | Big Bad Toy Store ]

[ Pre-order Cut Man at HobbyLink Japan | AmiAmi | CD Japan | Big Bad Toy Store ]

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