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Medicom's Ultra Detail series relives Nintendo's past

2:00 PM on 08.28.2012 // Emily Smalara

Anyone out there that didn't grow up on old NES and SNES games? Feel free to skip this one. For everyone else, get ready to relive your childhood, as Medicom is set to release a fantastic new set featuring Nintendo's infamous Link and Mario. These aren't just any figures, though!

Chronicling the pair's travels through the decades, you'll find each figure corresponds to differing times in their histories. From the earliest of artwork to the most modern of designs, you'll see how far Nintendo's come and get some awesome additions to your collection while you're at it! My only wish is to see all of the characters' iterations, but even three of each is fantastic. They're cheap to boot, running only around ¥730! They're set to release in January next year, so be ready to grab them all!

[Pre-order at AmiAmi]

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