Medicom proves you can redo a RAH Asuka

1:00 PM on 07.24.2012

The Real Action Heroes line is no stranger to going back to old figures and making them better. How fitting it is then that the newest addition to the line will be a new, redone RAH of Asuka Langley Shikinami for the upcoming Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. This version of Asuka looks different from previous release from 2.0, as she's returned to the more traditional suit.

What's new in this release you ask? Well, she has a new hat helmet and she is featuring the eye patch. The suit looks great, but I do get worried as to whether the material will hug the body too much and cause stress on the joints. It's a great looking figure, so I'm hoping that the joint quality will be there to match.

For those interested, she is currently up for pre-order at the retail price of 18,000 yen, but as always, there are discounts to be had if you look. The good news is that for those already biting the November bullet, she'll be out in January 2013. The bad side of that is it will be released post-movie, so I hope you really like the movie and the figure enough to remember that this exists.

[Pre-order RAH No. 598 Asuka Langley Shikinami at HobbyLink Japan | Otacute | AmiAmi | Hobby Search | J-List]

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