Medicom is bringing Da Funk back to the Punk with their Daft Punk Tron: Legacy figures

1:30 PM on 10.26.2010

With Tron: Legacy just a few short months away, Medicom has put out a few new Daft Punk tie-in figures with the movie, all of which are OMFG AWESOME! We first showed you these back at SDCC, and now the 100% Kubrick set and Real Action Heroes are up for order, with the 400% Bearbricks missing in action. The 100% Kubrick set features the new white Tron: Legacy suits and are quite snazzy, but if you're looking for something bigger, the Real Action Heroes are quite tempting.

The third Daft Punk Real Action Heroes to be released, these seem to be very similar to the Human After All set, save for the white suits and slightly modified newer helmets for this new era of music. All three of these have already found their way into my collection, and if you're in need of some Daft Punk goodness as well, you can order the Kubricks which release in January for 2,240 yen at AmiAmi and Thomas and Guy-Manuel for 14,100 yen each for their release in April.

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