Mechawhales could be nature's perfect killing machine

8:00 PM on 01.15.2013

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Associate Editor

Hauke Sheer's latest creation could be his best yet.

Hauke Sheer's creations are often the things of nightmares. It's no real secret that his unique design sense is often hard to get used to. Just take a look at his Facebook album or his deviantART gallery, you'll see what I mean. Though, I admit his Bathroom bots are strangely cute. The guy has been at this for a long time, I can remember visiting one of his early website in the mid '90s and reading his figure making and customizing tutorials. In the early days of DIY and indie figures he was something of an asset and he may have come up with his most accessible figure creation yet.

Hauke's Mechawhales combine cold-steel mecha sensibilities with some of the largest mammals on Earth. If the animations on the Mechawhales website is anything to go by it's a very deadly combination that translates well into fun mecha figures. For now only the main character is getting the figure treatment, but hopefully he moves on to others like the giant tank-treaded blue whale or the four-armed Orca Commando. The first PVC figure is about 3.5 inches tall with 5 points of articulation and can be pre-ordered from Big Bad Toy Store for US$44.99 with release sometime this month.

So what do you think? They remind me a lot of the old Marvel comic series Brute Force and that alone raises my interest, but I actually like the concept and think it could take Hauke further than his other ideas.

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